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Dana & Danai
Artist | Student | Varied
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We're twin Christian manga artists that have been drawing for 6 years now, and we really thank God so much for this talent He's blessed us with! We plan to use it to spread His Word, and inspiration to others! We draw characters from a variety of animes and manga. We love roleplaying, cosplaying and creating cosplays. Writing is one of our favorite hobbies, but we especially love writing fan fictions! We also love composing our own music! We are creating our own original mangas that we have yet to reveal to the world, but that's because we are working hard to make them the best they can be! ~ Artworx88

What We Do & Don't Do:

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Roleplays are for friends only by WizzDono Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

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Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku :iconartworx2122: Jon Kayeg [Digital Art]

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku :iconstrain100: Birthday Gift Art


Green Square Bullet by Kawiku :icontennosei-no-hime: :iconusagisailormoon20: New Years Art [Waiting for Others to Finish Their Parts]


Red Square Bullet by Kawiku :icontennosei-no-hime: Time Changers Contest [Deadline October 7th]

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku 
:iconmeaty-nosebleeds: Contest 

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku :iconmelananime: Draw My Original Characters Contest [Deadline November 30th]


Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Special Surprise Video for my Watchers :giggle: :squee:

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Art of OC Sababah Akhenaten

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Art for Rebel Spirits Chapters

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Write CH 3 for Rebel Spirits at Orange Star High

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Rebel Spirits at Orange Star High Theme Song

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Download GIMP

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Interview with :iconotakuprincess445:

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku YGO Dream Voice Acting Samples

Purple Square Bullet by Kawiku Showing :icontennosei-no-hime: OST'S of Mine (Dana)

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Scorch Flamehog Action OST

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Make How to Start Up Vistablet Tutorial with SAI

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Make How I Sketch, Lineart, and Color in SAI

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Do complete profile makeover! :D

Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku Switch Around Meme w/Danai and :icontennosei-no-hime:
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Our Fan Projects and Stories

Yu-Gi-Oh! Patterns
Name of Image

One cold winter day in Domino City, Yugi Moto and his friends are finally on winter break after defeating Maximilian Pegasus at the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. Yugi Joey, Tristan, Tea, and Bakura are all happy in these times, but will only enjoy the peace for a short while, because worse magical things are coming. For the mysterious , dark spirit held inside Yugi Moto's Millennium Puzzle , shapes the patterns of Yugi's destiny...

This fan-made series was my first fan fiction published both to the public internet and deviantART. I originally had intended this story to be short and quick, but as I kept writing the story I fell in love with it and made it a 50-chapter fan fiction. After finishing the fan fiction, I was inspired to make a fan manga version of the story, but I realized how time consuming and hard it would be for me, so I decided to cancel it. The fan fiction however will continue to be online for my viewers to read.

I love this story because it was the stepping stone that brought my writing skills to the next level, which can be seen by comparing the first chapter to the very last one. This subsequently helped me with writing the story for my original manga. Some of the major themes and tone shifts in Patterns are also in my original manga, which I never realized until after I gave Patterns a good look again.

Link to Chapter 1:

Because Patterns is what significantly helped me to be the writer I am now, I am working on a special surprise for my fans that I know they will love. ~ Dana

Rebel Spirits at Orange Star High
Name of Image

It all started when Future Trunks fought and defeated Cell in a cave where ancient Egyptian valuables were held - the battle they had turned the cave into rubble, along with these valuables. As Trunks thinks that all is well and the world can finally be at peace, the unthinkable happens. That night, he has a vision of his fight with Cell and sees the Millennium Ring and the Millennium Puzzle vaporize from his blast. He sees Yami and Bakura holding these same items, and then sees them and their friends at Orange Star High. But worst of all, he sees the past timeline in chaos and being attacked by monsters - not just any monsters - but Duel Monsters. Now Trunks travels to the past to pose as a student to stop these suspicious teenagers from causing harm to the world. He is determined to learn more about these students - but what Trunks doesn't know is that these two suspicious boys are rebel spirits...

This fan-made series is my second series posted to both the public internet and deviantART. I had started this fan fiction the first time around in the fall of 2013, but I didn't like how it was turning out. So, I deleted the first attempt of the fan fiction, and began re-writing the story in the summer of 2014. I can finally do the crossover it's justice with the remade version, as the first attempt was not going where I wanted it to.

The writing for the story is in-progress, however I have written an outline for the story so I know what will be coming next. The fan fiction will have a prologue and five chapters, making it a short fan fiction. I have plans for making a theme to Rebel Spirits, but as of now I have not started any progress on that. I also plan to have art in the fan fiction for the readers to get a better visual of what the scenes look like.

Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters are two of my most all-time favorite animes, and I loved the idea of having their characters meet and interact with each other.

Link to Prologue:

Rebel Spirits in my mind is the ultimate way to crossover these two amazing animes, and I wouldn't want it any other way. ~ Dana


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